Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers

I love Wynonna Earp so much more than I did before the latest episode.

I was already really into this show and loving every episode of Season 2, but after watching “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers” it is officially my absolute favorite show airing right now. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be a woman and watch writers on a show you’re watching make a female lead character pregnant and then throw the character’s personality right out the window (like when Alias’ Sydney Bristow got pregnant and stopped being the bad-ass agent we loved and ended up sitting around being lame all day). But Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp writer) isn’t doing that with our crazy, snarky, fun and hardcore heroine Wynonna. Instead she is keeping the main characters amazing charm and I am confident Wynonna will remain our #womangoals baby bump and all.

Every woman who has been pregnant knows how annoying and intrusive it is when people are constantly telling you what you can/can’t do, how you should act, what you should say and what you should not say. Now, I’ve never been pregnant myself but I have watched friends and family go through the motions and I can tell you that just because they have a tiny human growing inside of them, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to stop being who they are. Being pregnant doesn’t make you a wimp or change your personality at all (you know minus the hormone changes later on when you flash from happy to angry to sad really freaking quickly) and most of my friends still enjoyed doing the things that they loved. I’m not saying that you should be guzzling down liquor and hacking back cigarettes or pill popping, I’m just saying that women don’t become boring when they find out they’re pregnant. They still do whatever they want, they just do it carefully.

Wynonna has always been someone we could count on for not giving any f*cks and being herself unapologetically. I am so happy that we get to watch her and how she’ll deal with growing a little person all the while kicking demon butt and whatever other supernatural creatures come her way. Also have you ever had an actual conversation with a cranky pregnant lady? They can totally kick ass, and are ready to if any random stranger even tries to touch their big belly with their smoky hands (why do strangers always want to touch pregnant bellies? #creepy)

I am happy that the show has Emily Andras to rescue any scenario that comes her way and to do it in a way she knows her fans will love. Even though Melanie Scrofano was worried to tell the crew about her pregnancy, I’m positive it will be one of the best things to happen to the show.

It will definitely be exciting to watch how Waverly, Doc and Dolls (oh my God) react and the support that they (I’m sure) will show Wynonna.

I can’t wait to see how our crazy woman handles the news on the next episode; Whiskey Lullaby (which airs this Friday the 14th at 10:00 on SYFY)


  • Jazzy Jazz

What To Watch During “One Of Those Days”

You know when sometimes you’re just having the WORST day even though there is nothing (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) going on? You just want to cry every 5 seconds and that’s when every single person you see decides they should ask you “ARE YOU OKAY?” which is the worst question in the world. Maybe you didn’t sleep well or maybe it’s just been too long since the last time you cried, maybe your hormones are unbalanced I DON’T KNOW YOU.

Whatever it is you don’t even realize that something is going on until you are at work or around people. Well today Jazzy Jazz isn’t feeling so jazzy, she’s actually feeling like a psycho because she is having one of those days. BUT it reminded me of the shows that I love watching when I’m having days like these. The following are the TV shows that make me feel better when I’m feeling like a crazy person.



This will always be my #1 show to turn to when I’m having a crappy day because every episode is funny and can always force a laugh out of me even when it feels like the world is ending. Barney is my favorite because he’s just so… Barney (you know?)

Watching HIMYM reminds me of some of the things my friends and I have done or things that have happened to us when we’d be dating and those memories will forever crack me up. It’s such a feel good show that anyone could watch which is one of the best things about it. Watching Lilypad and Marshmallow be the cute goofy weird couple that everybody loves feels like a giant bear hug when I’m not feeling my 100% self. 

There are so many awesome episodes it’s hard to pick which one is my favorite, but I LOVE every Intervention episode, those kill me.

How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows that makes you feel like you’ve got a bunch of personalities because let’s get real sometimes we can be Barney, Robin, Marshall, Lily and Ted all in just one week. We’ve been Barney during times when our BFF’S call someone ELSE their BEST FRIEND (SO not cool). Some days we’re hopeless romantic Ted getting tired of waiting for “The One” to come along even though he didn’t really have to look too far did he? We’ve all experienced being Lily and feeling like we missed our chance to follow our dreams. We’ve been goofy and loving Marshall and then there’s Robin. We’ve all been confused Robin before, always not knowing what she wants whether it’s about love interests or kids or basically anything aside from her career. 

The minute I put it on all of the weirdness of a bad day just drifts away almost instantly.

 The Office


Jim and Pam. JIM AND PAM. I can’t even control the giddy love sick 15 year old version of myself that bursts out of my soul every time I’m watching a cute scene between these two adorable love puppy’s. It’s actually quite sickening to witness I’ll tell you that much. The Office makes bad days good days by being the comical genius that it is.

Michael’s constant need for approval from everyone is both sad and funny at the same time (but mostly funny). Dwight is HILARIOUS I get cramps from laughing at his interactions with Jim, I actually LOVE how much he hates him. It’s the funniest relationship pranks and all and it is probably the 2nd best thing about the show. The 1st obviously being JIM AND PAM because they’re the cutest and I LOVE THEM. The 3rd best thing is how much Michael hates Toby, poor poor lonely Toby. And what makes it worse (but also better) is how much he loves Pam even though she has a fiance AND she’s falling for Jimbo.

Obviously I love Kelly because Mindy Kaling is the bomb, although something about Ryan has always annoyed me. I think he’s the only character in the show that I never liked. Oh and Angela… but does anybody actually like Angela? Whenever Phyllis or Kevin say literally anything my heart fills up with joy, they’re the cutest and so weird that I find it impossible not to love them. Oh I forgot one more character I hate… Roy, F*ck Roy. He’s a D to Pam while they’re together and he is in the way of #JAM (#PIM?) happening sooner. 

 Wynonna Earp


Do I even need to explain why this show is the best? Wynonna is the female version of Dean (Winchester duh) and her sister Waverly is the female Sam but a gayer prettier cuter BETTER version. Every time I’m having a bad day I just re watch a few episodes of Season 1 and EVERYTHING is okay once again.

Wynonna makes the best jokes and has the best comebacks that even Doc and Dolls don’t stand a chance against her wit. It’s a new show but you can feel the chemistry between the actors and their characters which makes it easier to lose yourself in. This show is one of the best for making you forget whatever it was you were upset about before pressing play (if there even was a reason). The relationship between Dolls and Wynonna is my FAVORITE and I always scream on the inside when Dolls flirts back at Wynonna (BACK because she ALWAYS flirts with him which usually gets ignored).



Now obviously I had to add Friends to this list, because EVERYBODY has seen it and loves it. My favorite character hands down is Joey, because Joey is always 100% unapologetic-ally himself. He’s funny, childish, kind of vain, air headed but oh so lovable. Everybody knows someone like a class clown that they love/hate and that is definitely Joey (except all I have for that man is love). Joey is constantly cracking the best jokes that always brighten my mood. I feel like he’s the embodiment of happy, they should just put his name under the definition of it.

Most days I think I’m probably 75% Rachel, 15% Phoebe, 5% Ross and 5% Chandler. I’m almost never any percent Monica because Imea I wouldn’t say I’m the worst at cooking but I’m certainly not the best. Plus I am not as mature as her and I am definitely not the Mom in any of my friends groups because TO BE HONEST that is way too much stress and work for my life. Every episode is so light hearted and funny that it’s probably the best to watch when you feel like everything sucks JUST BECAUSE (my family hates when I give that answer).

Hope I kept you entertained for a few minutes, even writing about these shows made me feel better.

Hope you can use this next time you’re having one of those days 🙂

-Jazzy Jazz

Orphan Black, Wynonna Earp & Wonder Woman: Bad-Ass Female Roles

Isn’t it such a cool thing, the fact that we can dream up pretty much any scenario up in our heads and then come back down to earth and recreate it? I mean, how awesome is that?! I’ve always been a fan of art: paintings, music, books, tattoos, movies- you name it. And man I can tell you that Orphan Black is a work of art. It’s sad that after season 5 there will be no more #CloneClub… except for the little clone that’s in all of us. It has been such a great show with a strong and talented female lead with amazing acting skills (and DAMN those visual effects are UNBELIEVABLE!!). And we need more movies and TV shows like that… We need more female lead roles to inspire us into being the strong, intelligent, creative and powerful women that we all have the capability of becoming.

My aunt had taken me to see the movie Wonder Woman a couple weekends ago and I was inspired and in awe of Gal Gadot and how brilliantly she played Wonder Woman. I was surprised at all the hype it was getting, as most super hero movies aren’t something that EVERYBODY talks about… but EVERYONE is talking about Wonder Woman. Talk about a strong influential lead female role. I had doubts before going to see this movie, based on the over-sexualization that female superhero characters often portray, and although there was still the skimpy super woman outfit, and although yes the men in the movie made passes at her, her look wasn’t the thing that made her powerful or made people listen to her.

She was exciting and brilliant and she was different. She didn’t care about the opinions of others, even the man she was falling in love with. She forced people to listen to her in order to do what was right, and when they didn’t she took matters into her own hands no matter how scary the situation ahead of her seemed. She didn’t listen when anyone told her no. She stood up with her head held high and did whatever was necessary to save the human race from the GOD OF WAR. And that’s what we need, more movies that can empower women and show that we can do whatever necessary to save the world, with or without any man. Although yes, Chris Pine looked hella fine and did do a really brave and noble act at the end.

Like Orphan Black, Wynonna Earp is another TV series that I find demonstrates how powerful a woman can be. And hallelujah season two has finally begun. If you haven’t seen Season One yet, it’s pretty much the female version of the show Supernatural and It. Is. Bad. Ass. Instead of Sam and Dean it’s Wynonna and Waverly, and I can’t believe I’m saying this (I used to be just a little bit obsessed with Supernatural, those boys are FIIIINE) but I think I might actually like them better than their male counterparts. Not only does this show teach young women to be strong, confident, independent and fierce … it’s also got amazing visual effects. Everything about this show is awesome and you’ll regret it if you don’t check it out.. that’s a promise.

*Thanks for reading my first post, I’m also going to start making YouTube videos VERY soon. If you’ve watched either TV shows let me know what you think of them 🙂

-Jazzy Jazz