Atomic Blonde Review

Charlize Theron… now there’s a WOMAN. I am in awe of the exceptional actress that plays Lorraine Broughton in the new movie Atomic Blonde.

The movie entrapped me the moment I saw the fierce, bad ass bruised body of Theron’s character; in that first scene I knew I was hooked.

I was not shocked at how quickly I found myself entranced by the sexy, angry and sneaky MI6 agent. I could tell she was going to be gloriously fierce when I watched the trailer earlier that day.

Her character made me wish I took some sort of kickboxing lessons when I was growing up, she KICK’S ASS. Nobody would survive the force of all those that she ended up destroying. Her fiery wrath made her someone to fear, even in the beginning when her story was just getting started.

The fighting scenes had me on the edge of my seat nail biting with my eye’s wide the entire time.

Atomic Blonde reminded me of past fantastic movies that I loved when they came out. Movies like Salt, The Bourne Identity, Mr & Mrs Smith, Taken and Casino Royale. I had forgotten how exciting watching those movies were, but was reminded by Theron’s larger than life, risk taking thick-skinned heroine.

Broughton made men her b*tch and impressed the shhh out of me.

Watch it, watch it right now.

Jazzy Jazz


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