Silicon Valley: It’s GREAT

I’ve recently started watching Silicon Valley, and I was both relieved and happily surprised at how much I love it. I knew it was a comedy before I pressed play on Season One’s premiere, but I didn’t expect it to be so dark and weird. I know dark and weird doesn’t sound like fun, but trust me it is.

The show consists of 6 main guys, all of whom (except for Erlich Bachman) are tech geniuses and one of who accidentally creates an ingenious program called Pied Piper. Each character is hilariously awkward in their own way.

Richard Hendricks, (Thomas Middleditch), is the main character and I’ve cried tears of laughter watching him try to talk to people through his anxiety and social awkwardness. I feel like I can connect with his character, as I feel like usually I am pretty socially awkward my self.

Each one of them is divine but I’d have to say Donald (Jared) Dunn is my absolute favorite. He’s sweet, funny, sad and dark all at the same time. Though he acts as Richards sidekick, I find he steals the show with his witty comebacks and with his good nature. He’s always doing the right thing, so much so that sometimes his friends feel they must hide it when they do bad things. The way his character delivers tiny little tidbits of his childhood and past is perfect because it doesn’t go too deep. He tells it in a way that makes you laugh. It’s because he’s so stoic and nonchalant, meanwhile what he’s actually saying is messed up.

I actually started watching this show after I read in the news that TJ Miller (Erlich Bachman on the show) was leaving, and everybody was mad as hell about it. I had never seen this comedian before in anything so I was pretty shocked at how funny he was in Season 1 (which is all I can speak for because I just finished the last episode and haven’t started Season 2 yet.)

Before I started watching the glory that is Silicon Valley, I definitely thought that people were overreacting. From what I could tell of the show (from the IMDb page and random Gifs I saw on the internet) he wasn’t even the main character and he looked goofy as hell. BOY WAS I WRONG. This dude cracks me up every single time he opens his mouth. He’s super rude, highly insensitive and swears through every sentence but that’s what makes everything he says so hysterical.

If you’ve never watched it yet, but you really love watching comedy then Silicon Valley is 100% a must see for you.

Comment below if you have a favorite character and who it is đŸ™‚


-Jazzy Jazz


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