Something I Think We Should Talk About

I realized something the other day when I saw an article written about The Handmaid’s Tale, a lot of the shows I’ve been interested in lately have one theme in common: Women fighting for ownership of their bodies. It’s a heavy subject that not everybody is ready to take on, but that’s too bad for them because we need to have a discussion about it.

If you’re a woman the struggle is real when it comes to what you can or cannot do with your own body, or what others think they have the authority to do with it. I think Abortion is a touchy subject for everybody whether you are pro or against, but I have always thought it is the woman’s choice. I definitely am not saying I think women should be getting late abortions, because that I do not agree with at all. But I do think that if a woman finds out early enough and is not ready to be a mother (or she became pregnant unwillingly) she should be able to make the choice for herself.

I’ve always felt so lucky to be Canadian because we have it so good when it comes to rights and being able to live the “free” life. We aren’t being forced into wars, we can wear what we want and we can speak freely. But that doesn’t mean that we still don’t have to deal with a lot of bullsh*t when it comes to our bodies. Sexual and physical abuse exists in every country, in every corner of the world. It happens to both women and men and it needs to stop. We’re stripped of making a choice about what we want to do with our own bodies by vicious people who don’t understand what NO means.

Because I love writing poetry as well as blog posts, I wrote a poem based on an experience one of my friends had. THANKFULLY she got away from the situation before the worst case scenario happened. But I thought it would be important to share because this is a topic that needs to be discussed.


Well I’m sorry that I’m stupid for trusting you so blindly

You started to touch me and I tried to say no politely

But you forced yourself up on me so carelessly like you do this nightly

How did you grow up to think that it’s all fun and games to humiliate me?


You knew I was uncomfortable when I pushed away your filthy creepy hands

Yet you forced me onto your bed and said “you like it” as if it were a command

Why does forcing yourself onto girls make you feel like a man?

Did you think I would just lie down and take it, was that your plan?


I don’t think it’s fair that now I’m scared every time I’m walking home

But I’m sure you think it’s crazy that now I never wanna be alone

I bet you’ll blame it on my gender yeah you’ll blame it on my hormones

I only hung out with you once so why do I choke every time I smell your cologne?


Didn’t you have anyone to teach you how to treat another human?

Why do I have to constantly be wary of men, why am I the one left feeling stupid?

Why do I make excuses for what happened and write it off as my confusion?

Say maybe I’m remembering it wrong, maybe you whispering “don’t worry I’ll be fast” was just my confusion


Will you brag about it? Tell all your friends how you scored?

Or will you lie and say “she wanted me, but I couldn’t be bothered with that whore”

Why did you give me such a hard time, is this what you do when you’re bored?

Thank you for giving me the chance to run when you reached into your bed stand drawer


If you’ve ever been harassed, abused or manhandled then you know what it feels like to be scared of not having control over what happens to your own body.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this post, all are welcome 🙂


Jazzy Jazz


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