Geoff Scott Interview: Orphan Black


“My greatest accomplishment with this show is that nobody has really noticed our work.”

Geoff Scott has a pretty rad job as a VFX Supervisor at Intelligent Creatures here in Toronto. He also has a pretty rad dog who helped out the show Orphan Black by letting them use her (to make a fake dead dog look more realistic) in episode 1 of Season 5 (his dog isn’t actually dead, they’re just really good at their job). Here’s some pictures showing what it looked like before and after they applied the visual effects. At the end is a picture of Geoff with his adorable pup!

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Geoff: Technically I’ve been working with Orphan Black for 6 years.

Me: How would you describe the show to somebody who’s never watched it?

Geoff: How would I describe the show to someone who’s never watched it? I would describe it as the story of a young drifter who finds out that she’s part of a large ongoing conspiracy about the implications of genetic copyrights and patents and ownership.

Me: Would you say it’s more technical or artistic or elements of both?

Geoff: One of the greatest aspects of the job is the beginning, working with the actors and directors to help design the sequences and the scenes with very little to start. So that sort of feels like a massive artistic component that I need in my life. By the end of it I have to make sure it looks so real from a technical perspective that hopefully nobody notices that I’ve done anything. So it’s both. It’s both art and craftsmanship.

Me: When you look back at some of the earlier episodes, can you see the improvements?

Geoff: Absolutely. Not so much from a technical perspective, I still feel very happy and confident with the quality of visual effects from 5 years ago which is saying something. But where you see the massive technical leaps in purely a level of complexity. Every season we end with something that at the beginning of the season, I didn’t think was possible.  And then the next season we’d start at that level of complexity. And only build more and more. It got more complex.

Me: How would you describe your first few years working on Orphan Black?

Geoff: The first year I knew we had something great. My fear was…nobody else would see it. That a lot of people would just dismiss it as… “Canadian Television”. And the first few years with any project there’s always this sort of uncertainty whether or not you’re gonna be asked back. Between seasons 1 & 2 we had a meeting, we had a post mortem in the beginning of season 2 where they wanted to see if we could do anything better and so I looked at the shots and we delivered something insane like, almost 300 shots. And there were two that I was “mehh could be a bit better” but 99.4 % happy, that’s amazing! That’s a win!  It was good… it was good, it was a bit unnerving at first, until you sort of realize how much excellent work had been done.

Me: Who is your favorite out of all the clones and why?

Geoff: I don’t have a favorite clone, I can tell you who my least favorite clone is. That’s Helena, that’s because Tatiana, up until Season 3… she would stay in character. So you know Sarah’s cool, you feel like you can go for a pint with Sarah. Alison reminds me of, you know, my mom…kind of. Cosima is the cool hippy chick that I could use to score… But Helena would just kill you and I really did not like working with Helena. And it was like working with a completely different person. Yeah it was not cool. Like there was a point where I’m just like… I’m gonna get stabbed if I get too close to this person. But completely different! It was… unnerving. So yes my least favorite is Helena because I was worried about my physical health.

Me: What has been your favorite moment or episode of the series so far that you’ve worked on?

Geoff: My favorite episode… I really liked 4.10 which was the last episode of last season cause we gotta have two clones beat the living snot out of each other. And any episode with Donnie, Kristian Bruun is one of the funniest people.

Me: What about visual effects or design work on the show do you find most interesting or fun?

Geoff: The funnest is actually designing the sequences or was designing as we’re in the last days of the last episode. Designing the clones scenes with the directors from the beginning is the most exciting part of it. Planning it out, you know, running it through with Tatiana and Aaron Morton the cinematographer…tweaking it, refining it. The part I like least is the doing it after the fact. The guys here are really good at the laborious amount of work that goes into it… my heart goes out to them. They put that much work into it here.

 Me:  What has inspired you personally as a visual effects artist?

Geoff: Ahh Star Wars! I was 4 years old when I saw Star Wars, I went through a brief phase where I thought I wanted  to be an actor because I thought you got to play with monsters and aliens. I thought they were real. And then one of my parents said “no, no it’s uh Special Effects”, it was special effects then, it’s now visual effects. “If you wanna do that, you know you gotta do this.” Okay Boom Done. That was it. So yeah… 40 years ago. F*ck. Yeah 40 years ago almost to the day…. Sh*t that’s weird. Yeah 40 years ago almost to the day is when I decided I wanted to do this.

Me: Are you sad that season 5 is going to be the last season?

Geoff: Yes…No, I am saddened not just because of the quality of it, but because of the quality of the crew and the quality of the cast and the quality of the team here. And the lack of ego’s and it’s just been an absolute gift, and I’ve been working in visual effects for 20 years and it is rare to find that in a cast and crew. I am incredibly happy because they’re ending really strong, as opposed to ending very um… where they do that thing where they tack on another two seasons just to make money and drag out a story line that isn’t there. So I’m happy that John and Graeme have stuck to their guns and are making a very concise strong story.


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Atomic Blonde Review

Charlize Theron… now there’s a WOMAN. I am in awe of the exceptional actress that plays Lorraine Broughton in the new movie Atomic Blonde.

The movie entrapped me the moment I saw the fierce, bad ass bruised body of Theron’s character; in that first scene I knew I was hooked.

I was not shocked at how quickly I found myself entranced by the sexy, angry and sneaky MI6 agent. I could tell she was going to be gloriously fierce when I watched the trailer earlier that day.

Her character made me wish I took some sort of kickboxing lessons when I was growing up, she KICK’S ASS. Nobody would survive the force of all those that she ended up destroying. Her fiery wrath made her someone to fear, even in the beginning when her story was just getting started.

The fighting scenes had me on the edge of my seat nail biting with my eye’s wide the entire time.

Atomic Blonde reminded me of past fantastic movies that I loved when they came out. Movies like Salt, The Bourne Identity, Mr & Mrs Smith, Taken and Casino Royale. I had forgotten how exciting watching those movies were, but was reminded by Theron’s larger than life, risk taking thick-skinned heroine.

Broughton made men her b*tch and impressed the shhh out of me.

Watch it, watch it right now.

Jazzy Jazz


This movie made my stomach hurt from laughing so much and I regret none of it! The idea of Robot Cops running around taking down criminals was awesome, and I think it will be SO COOL when this happens in the future (I’m assuming so anyways, maybe they’ll turn against us and kill us all.)

Yo Landi and Ninja were absolutely perfect and portrayed their characters brilliantly. They are so cool and bad ass in the real world that they just fit into their movie characters so well. Although Ninja was not a very good dad to Chappie, he was a fantastic person to play that role because of his gangsta-ness.

I was pretty shocked that Chappie was released only two years before Lion… did you SEE how much Dev Patel had changed? He’s HUGE in Lion. I absolutely adored his dorky character and thought he was a fantastic choice to play the nervous tech geek.

Gangsta Chappie was my favorite because what’s better then hearing a robot say “F**k Mother” numerous times? Nothing, it’s hilarious.

Image Engine was the company who made Chappie (and the other robots, including The Moose) come alive on screen, they’re the ones who did the visual effects for the robots. I thought that Chappie looked so realistic and I was impressed at the amount of detail in even just his face.

I think the best part about a movie like this is that there’s a little part of us that thinks “Oh no this is the future”, and it’s not like it’s in the far “one day in a million years this’ll happen”. It could be tomorrow or next week or next month.


Or maybe that won’t happen for a million years…

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Silicon Valley: It’s GREAT

I’ve recently started watching Silicon Valley, and I was both relieved and happily surprised at how much I love it. I knew it was a comedy before I pressed play on Season One’s premiere, but I didn’t expect it to be so dark and weird. I know dark and weird doesn’t sound like fun, but trust me it is.

The show consists of 6 main guys, all of whom (except for Erlich Bachman) are tech geniuses and one of who accidentally creates an ingenious program called Pied Piper. Each character is hilariously awkward in their own way.

Richard Hendricks, (Thomas Middleditch), is the main character and I’ve cried tears of laughter watching him try to talk to people through his anxiety and social awkwardness. I feel like I can connect with his character, as I feel like usually I am pretty socially awkward my self.

Each one of them is divine but I’d have to say Donald (Jared) Dunn is my absolute favorite. He’s sweet, funny, sad and dark all at the same time. Though he acts as Richards sidekick, I find he steals the show with his witty comebacks and with his good nature. He’s always doing the right thing, so much so that sometimes his friends feel they must hide it when they do bad things. The way his character delivers tiny little tidbits of his childhood and past is perfect because it doesn’t go too deep. He tells it in a way that makes you laugh. It’s because he’s so stoic and nonchalant, meanwhile what he’s actually saying is messed up.

I actually started watching this show after I read in the news that TJ Miller (Erlich Bachman on the show) was leaving, and everybody was mad as hell about it. I had never seen this comedian before in anything so I was pretty shocked at how funny he was in Season 1 (which is all I can speak for because I just finished the last episode and haven’t started Season 2 yet.)

Before I started watching the glory that is Silicon Valley, I definitely thought that people were overreacting. From what I could tell of the show (from the IMDb page and random Gifs I saw on the internet) he wasn’t even the main character and he looked goofy as hell. BOY WAS I WRONG. This dude cracks me up every single time he opens his mouth. He’s super rude, highly insensitive and swears through every sentence but that’s what makes everything he says so hysterical.

If you’ve never watched it yet, but you really love watching comedy then Silicon Valley is 100% a must see for you.

Comment below if you have a favorite character and who it is 🙂


-Jazzy Jazz

Something I Think We Should Talk About

I realized something the other day when I saw an article written about The Handmaid’s Tale, a lot of the shows I’ve been interested in lately have one theme in common: Women fighting for ownership of their bodies. It’s a heavy subject that not everybody is ready to take on, but that’s too bad for them because we need to have a discussion about it.

If you’re a woman the struggle is real when it comes to what you can or cannot do with your own body, or what others think they have the authority to do with it. I think Abortion is a touchy subject for everybody whether you are pro or against, but I have always thought it is the woman’s choice. I definitely am not saying I think women should be getting late abortions, because that I do not agree with at all. But I do think that if a woman finds out early enough and is not ready to be a mother (or she became pregnant unwillingly) she should be able to make the choice for herself.

I’ve always felt so lucky to be Canadian because we have it so good when it comes to rights and being able to live the “free” life. We aren’t being forced into wars, we can wear what we want and we can speak freely. But that doesn’t mean that we still don’t have to deal with a lot of bullsh*t when it comes to our bodies. Sexual and physical abuse exists in every country, in every corner of the world. It happens to both women and men and it needs to stop. We’re stripped of making a choice about what we want to do with our own bodies by vicious people who don’t understand what NO means.

Because I love writing poetry as well as blog posts, I wrote a poem based on an experience one of my friends had. THANKFULLY she got away from the situation before the worst case scenario happened. But I thought it would be important to share because this is a topic that needs to be discussed.


Well I’m sorry that I’m stupid for trusting you so blindly

You started to touch me and I tried to say no politely

But you forced yourself up on me so carelessly like you do this nightly

How did you grow up to think that it’s all fun and games to humiliate me?


You knew I was uncomfortable when I pushed away your filthy creepy hands

Yet you forced me onto your bed and said “you like it” as if it were a command

Why does forcing yourself onto girls make you feel like a man?

Did you think I would just lie down and take it, was that your plan?


I don’t think it’s fair that now I’m scared every time I’m walking home

But I’m sure you think it’s crazy that now I never wanna be alone

I bet you’ll blame it on my gender yeah you’ll blame it on my hormones

I only hung out with you once so why do I choke every time I smell your cologne?


Didn’t you have anyone to teach you how to treat another human?

Why do I have to constantly be wary of men, why am I the one left feeling stupid?

Why do I make excuses for what happened and write it off as my confusion?

Say maybe I’m remembering it wrong, maybe you whispering “don’t worry I’ll be fast” was just my confusion


Will you brag about it? Tell all your friends how you scored?

Or will you lie and say “she wanted me, but I couldn’t be bothered with that whore”

Why did you give me such a hard time, is this what you do when you’re bored?

Thank you for giving me the chance to run when you reached into your bed stand drawer


If you’ve ever been harassed, abused or manhandled then you know what it feels like to be scared of not having control over what happens to your own body.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this post, all are welcome 🙂


Jazzy Jazz

Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers

I love Wynonna Earp so much more than I did before the latest episode.

I was already really into this show and loving every episode of Season 2, but after watching “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers” it is officially my absolute favorite show airing right now. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be a woman and watch writers on a show you’re watching make a female lead character pregnant and then throw the character’s personality right out the window (like when Alias’ Sydney Bristow got pregnant and stopped being the bad-ass agent we loved and ended up sitting around being lame all day). But Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp writer) isn’t doing that with our crazy, snarky, fun and hardcore heroine Wynonna. Instead she is keeping the main characters amazing charm and I am confident Wynonna will remain our #womangoals baby bump and all.

Every woman who has been pregnant knows how annoying and intrusive it is when people are constantly telling you what you can/can’t do, how you should act, what you should say and what you should not say. Now, I’ve never been pregnant myself but I have watched friends and family go through the motions and I can tell you that just because they have a tiny human growing inside of them, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to stop being who they are. Being pregnant doesn’t make you a wimp or change your personality at all (you know minus the hormone changes later on when you flash from happy to angry to sad really freaking quickly) and most of my friends still enjoyed doing the things that they loved. I’m not saying that you should be guzzling down liquor and hacking back cigarettes or pill popping, I’m just saying that women don’t become boring when they find out they’re pregnant. They still do whatever they want, they just do it carefully.

Wynonna has always been someone we could count on for not giving any f*cks and being herself unapologetically. I am so happy that we get to watch her and how she’ll deal with growing a little person all the while kicking demon butt and whatever other supernatural creatures come her way. Also have you ever had an actual conversation with a cranky pregnant lady? They can totally kick ass, and are ready to if any random stranger even tries to touch their big belly with their smoky hands (why do strangers always want to touch pregnant bellies? #creepy)

I am happy that the show has Emily Andras to rescue any scenario that comes her way and to do it in a way she knows her fans will love. Even though Melanie Scrofano was worried to tell the crew about her pregnancy, I’m positive it will be one of the best things to happen to the show.

It will definitely be exciting to watch how Waverly, Doc and Dolls (oh my God) react and the support that they (I’m sure) will show Wynonna.

I can’t wait to see how our crazy woman handles the news on the next episode; Whiskey Lullaby (which airs this Friday the 14th at 10:00 on SYFY)


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